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Tuesday, 02 June 2015 18:24

Smartly Aided

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I feel incredibly humbled to have been offered to try a pair of the most up to date hearing aids now known as "Smart Aids".

I want to thank ReSound for their kindness and I'd like to give something back, not just to them but to the Usher Community of which I am just a small part.

To ReSound I want to share my experiences good and bad so that they can perhaps take into account my findings as somebody with Usher Syndrome and that they can continue to improve the technology available to people like me.

To others with Usher Syndrome I'd love to help fund these via The Molly Watt Trust but without serious fundraising or some very generous donors it can't happen, I will however keep plugging away to try and help.

What I can do is use my experiences to at least advise those with Usher exactly what is available by way of technology.

I've put together this piece about my initial meeting with two fantastic audiologist at ReSound UK's Head Office in Oxfordshire.

My blog about the Linx2 Smart Aids, their compatibility with my iPhone and Applewatch and how this technology enhances my life will follow.

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