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Accessibility Consulting

I am available to deliver consultation services in the fields of technology, accessible design and usability for those wanting to meet the needs of all including the ageing or those isolated by other disabilities. Specialising in the fields of sensory impairments, deaf, hard of hearing, blind and deafblind.

  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Deafness
  • Hard of hearing
  • Universal Access
  • Low-vision
  • Sign language
  • Signing

We invited Molly to take part in our annual Camp Digital conference and she delivered an amazing keynote on the importance of accessible, inclusive design. Citing her own experience, Molly powerfully described the barriers she has faced and the opportunities that well-designed technology now bring to her and others seeking independence and confidence. We are currently working with Molly on a range of usability initiatives, where she provides valuable insight and advice on how products and online services perform for users with a range of abilities. Molly is great to work with, well-connected, passionate about inclusion and understands the benefits and pitfalls of technology well. She makes a great addition to our team and complements our ethos and approach brilliantly.

Online Consulting Solutions

Aspiring to a more inclusive world.