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Molly Watt Trust

For as long as I can remember my parents been involved in fundraising for the various charities.  In the early days of deafness my family were involved in fundraising activities for South East Berkshire Deaf Children's Society, my Dad was Chairman for a while and my Mum was a Committee Member for many years.  Then came Sense, The Deafblind Charity, followed by RP Fighting Blindness and Guidedogs for the Blind.

However I wanted to do something specifically for those living with Usher Syndrome. Particularly to raise awareness and to make a small difference in my own way.  With the help of my parents The Molly Watt Trust came about.  I continue to support the other charities and like to work alongside them.  I am proud to be an Ambassador for Sense and happy to give up my spare time to be involved with their work.

molly-uniHaving Usher Syndrome means I have an insight into what enables and enhances those of us with the condition, that said, we are all quite unique but similar.  Accessibility is often key to accessing the world and there is some great technology available, sadly too much is out of reach for many living with Usher Syndrome.  My passion and determination to raise awareness has strengthened over time and as a result of the many barriers I have come up against in my life.

It is only recently that I have realised just how much time and effort my Mum has put in to fighting for me over the years and now it is down to me.  Mum has given me the tools to fight on, only made possible by the strong support I get from home.  I know I am lucky to have a family who have always believed in me and have enabled me to thrive, even when very up against the system.  They have give me fantastic memories which I carry with me and use in my every day life.

The main fundraising is for accessible equipment for the Usher Community, things that makes a difference and it is often small things like eReaders to enable access to reading, protective glasses and even tactile watches, things most take for granted.  More details can be found on our website www.molly-watt-trust.org

We also fundraise and donate to RP Fighting Blindness for research and are open to suggestions as quite often there are little things that make a difference to individuals which would be considered.  The MWT likes to involve others who'd like to be involved and is looking forward to setting up some events to help ease the isolation often experienced my the community of which I'm a part, subject to funding.  Our projects are very exciting going forward and I will continue to speak publicly as often as I can to raise awareness and in the hope I can get others involved in fundraising for us.

I am very excited about the future of my charity.