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Tuesday, 09 February 2021 11:09

My Zara Experience!

As more and more brands become only available online organisations like Zara really need to get on top of online accessibility for all.

Do people think that blind people don’t like fashion, or enjoy online clothes shopping? 

Judging by the poor user experience of a lot of clothing websites - you’d think so!

Back in the day when we were allowed to go shopping in the flesh, browse the aisles, feel the fabrics and try on as many items as you’d like I like most have my few favourite brands and shops... 

Zara being towards the top of my list of shops to visit. In fact I’m well known for being a Zara fanatic, a friend will say “love that, where’d you get it from,” and they’d answer their own questions “Let me guess, Zara!”

Here we are, in 2021 still living through a pandemic and as we all know the actual physical aspect of clothes shopping diminishing, however somehow we have to meet our shopping needs, wants and cravings! 

Online shopping it is.. I mean, not always to spend money of course, a little browse won’t hurt... Famous last words!!

But of course, blind people don’t shop online do they!?  Meeting contrast standards is unheard of, flashing content is intense and uncomfortable, and if you’re a screen reader user, you can forget it! For a blind user like myself who simply loves shopping, and although the lack of online accessibility is probably saving me a lot of money, it is costing big brands and organisations billions!  Clearly accessibility is not a big consideration if a consideration at all for Zara and many others - perhaps little old me seems unimportant but losing out on ££££’s should be a huge concern. 

Pandemic or not I still have my cravings, I still want and like to keep on trend and need to update my wardrobe to cheer myself up, in what is very dark times in the age of coronavirus.  

I have worked with the accessibility departments of various fashion houses and I have to say the changes they have made have made a huge difference to my online shopping experiences! 

For instance at ASOS, alt texts are appropriately applied, colour contrasts are better met and the ability to change to “dark mode,” to reduce any unwanted eye strain and headaches. But even ASOS doesn’t sell everything. 

Where are all the other accessible experiences?