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Saturday, 27 September 2014 01:00

Testing Times at University

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Probably more so because mum and dad are in another country with next-to-no wifi, meaning I can't contact them at all- nor would I want to hassle them while they're enjoying themselves in complete blissful Cuba!
My parents have done so much for us 4 children, and I know Dad did his fair bit to help my brothers out while at university.
I have always been close to my family, and love talking to them and would everyday if I could. Them being in a slow developed country really shows right now. I miss them! I really am a homely person, and I'm not embarrassed to say I love being at home!
However, just to clear up- I love university! And of course I have Unis- when she's not in the other dorms with her new friends that is! (she has more than me, I swear!!) Though everyone knows, cuddles with Unis is always a winner.
I feel like I've actually been able to act my age with other mature people in my life too- I completely relied on mum when it came to all sort before I started here. A major one was student finance due to forms I couldn't read- let alone understand! Despite continuously telling them I was registered DeafBlind and needed a particular format, they didn't corporate. The endless phonecalls and petty questions that we found ourselves repeating endlessly- Poor old Mum was lumbered with the continuous emails/ letters and phone calls. I wanted to be able to sort this out by myself and save Mum doing it (Course I know she doesn't begrudge me for it!) But being 20, and having to ask yet still, for the help, sometimes is a little irritating.
So here I am at university, a few lectures in, and my equipment was delivered late. I had a note taker (thankfully,) so I was fully reliant on her notes at the end of the day, without the radio aid to hear the lecturers, It was completely useless. Though, thankfully for the lovely friends I've made, they helped fill me in on the other gaps.
So I chased up the equipment, and now Thankfully the equipment has now been delivered and I have it all, however I haven't a clue on how to set it up. Person I would've called? Mum. No, this time I was going to sort this out myself. I rang up Jane Barden who has previously helped me out with equipment and things in relation to my hearing impaired needs. Sorted.
Next worry on my list, again, student finance.
All my flat mates had received their loans in their accounts, and there I was thinking, how do I find this out? How do I know I have enough? What happens if I don't? Who do I talk to?
I went over and checked out my account to find I am short. For this term and for the next.
Here we go, I thought. Who would I normally ring up? Mum.
Nope, I'm sorting this out myself.
I've now made an appointment on the other side of campus to sort my finances out, which I managed to sort out through my disability advisor.
In my head I keep trying to relay what I am going to say when I get there. What if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about? I don't even understand any of it!
Another friend told me she has an overdraft, however I was told to avoid using an overdraft... What does this even all mean!?
I mean I am not completely stupid, I understand some- but really! I feel too young for this – I say this while smiling to myself, I know I am old enough to sort this out myself!
But in a lot of ways, I wish Mum and Dad were here to help me out. Haha, I don't mean to sound lazy, I am not, and Mum and dad being away has in a way forced me to sort it out myself. It's been tough, but I've learnt I'm more capable than I thought.
Guys, I've even done 3 lots of washing since I've been here! Quite impressed, lol.
And no, before anyone asks, I have NOT ironed.
Yesterday morning I thought I was going to break down. I had gotten up and taken Unis out for her morning run, and when I was putting her harness back on, she came across another dog and ran off (this NEVER happens,) both of the dogs were barking, I was stood in the woods where It was dark, once I had grabbed Unis back, I continuously apologised – I have no clue who of the dogs started this, all I could make out was that both dogs were black, I couldn't see how Unis was distracted enough to run away from me, I couldn't see where the other dog was, all I could hear was the barking. The other man who had the dog was also blind, and the dog with him was his guidedog. In a slightly amusing but 'in a bit of shock' way, we stood there for a moment with our dogs not knowing how to handle what had just happened....
As I walked away I felt quite shaken and angry at Unis for running off. What if it was her that started it? What made her run off leaving me in the dark? What if it happens again? She's never behaved like that before.
I wanted to cry.
Later, I realised I had dropped her mask that I put on her when she free runs (prevents scavenging) and I got angry all over again! Am I just overreacting xos I'm tired? Why couldn't I see enough to see what happened! I am useless for dropping an item thats usually with us 24/7.
Having spoken and been settled down by my flat mates, one of them, George, took me back over and reassured me he would help and find it. In the dark he helped me out, and of course, he found it! He had also helped me getting my deliveries back from the other side of campus then, too.
Oh how great it is to have spare hands when I need them!
My flat mates have helped me out more than I could say.
On another note, I'm already sick of toast and pasta! My signature dish? Stir through pasta with either small chunks of chicken, or pieces of ham and a banana on the side. So yes Mum when you're reading this, I am getting some fruit down me!
But do come on home when you're ready Mum and Dad, I could really dig a roast dinner when you're home. MJW

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