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Sunday, 04 December 2016 17:43

Qcon San Francisco 2016

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I was flattered to be considered to speak at Qcon San Francisco this year.

To discuss accessibility challenges for people living with similar challenges to my own but to make it more technical than I usually would. 

I was delighted to be in a position to ask for help from my friends at Sigma with whom I work alongside from time to time.

Chris Bush and I set about putting together a great presentation that would make the audience of digital giants, designers and developers simply consider accessibility, it’s importance and relevance in the world of technology.

Chris is the first person I have ever done a joint presentation with and I have to say I enjoyed it, he brought technical expertise and I feel we both complimented each other very well.  

Qcon was enormous, the biggest event I have ever been to.  In one of the largest hotel’s I’ve ever been to it seemed to be everywhere, it really was quite an experience, it was HUGE.

The conference ran for several days and Chris and I looked in on a few of the other presentations, fair to say most were too technical for me but interesting all the same.

It was clear that our presentation “How to design and develop in an inclusive way” was very different and I liked that.

In a world of technical genius it appeared that often accessibility and usability were either way down the list or simply not mentioned.

Our presentation gave our audience something to think about, sometimes the simplest of things to consider to make their products more inclusive.

The presentation went really well, I can say that as there was a marking system that showed we faired very well so a huge THANK YOU to Chris and I’m hoping we get to work together again.


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