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Friday, 24 October 2014 01:00

Me, My Wife Claire and Usher Syndrome

Written by  Mark Cooper
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When my wife and I discovered that she had Usher Syndrome, my first thoughts were confusion, what was Usher Syndrome, what does it mean and why has she got it?
It felt so cruel hearing all this that we both broke down neither of us knew what to say or do, I just knew I had to be there for her and be strong for her. 
Together we started the long journey to discover all we could with numerous Opthamologist and Gentics appointments, sometimes there was so much to take in and we would come away heartbroken. 
I felt so relived that it wasn't just "Clumsy Claire" and that there was a reason behind it all, as a few years back i had noticed little things but wanted to see what the doctors had to say. 
I find Claire inspirational and I'm glad she found other Usher friends that she no longer feels alone and isolated, she's no longer a hermit she's become my "Happy Claire" again and I believe MWT has done that for her seeing how Molly copes with the world has taught Claire a lot. 
Claire now has a guide dog which made me feel Proud of her but also upset as it made it all so real and I realised it's something Claire has to live with everyday, it's easy for me to forget that she stuggles so much but with Minnie her Guide Dog beside her I know she will be fine.
Claire has her confidence back and along with it her independence I am now able to work full time feeling safe in the knowledge that Claire is getting on well with life now.
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