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Claire Cooper

Hi my name is Claire Cooper, I'm 26 years old and I did the Tough Mudder on July 13th 2014. I have Usher syndrome (deafblind) and I raised almost £500 for the Molly Watt Trust.

Usher Syndrome is a genetic condition and for myself I am a type 2 which means I was born partially deaf and in my late teens early 20's I began losing my sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). I now have a Moderate Hearing Loss with 10 degrees of Tunnel Vision with Glare and Night blindness, this condition is progressive which means I could eventually lose my sight completely.

I am wife to Mark and Mother to a beautiful 3 year old girl and a stay at home mum, so I had to train for this event in the little spare timeI have.  My guide dog Minnie ensured I got to the gym safely but on the day of the event I was unaided but with my 'Mudder team!'.
So as you can gather this was a very big challenge and I was be very very grateful for everyone's support and your support enabled me to help a Charity very close to my heart, The Molly Watt Trust.

This Charity was set up to support people with Usher Syndrome and Molly and her mum Jane have been such an inspiration to me, they were the first people I found when I got my dreaded diagnosis they helped me through what I can only describe as the worst thing I have ever had to go through, learning what the condition is and my prognosis meant for me was mind boggling and frankly scary and these lovely people showed me it's not so bad even when I felt so very low at my future prospects.

Molly showed me that nothing can get in our way if we set our minds to it and have the correct support in place.  My dream was to achieve this mighty challenge and I did it and it has given me the confidence and desire to do lots of other things and to enjoy life.

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