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Alfie Mayes

Alfie came into our lives 7 years ago, and we had no idea the road we were about to walk down with him. On every twist & turn we took with him he showed us a new way to look at life and how to do things differently. He is an inspiration to us, when him and his three brothers and sister struggled to communicate using BSL instead of giving up they made up their own form of sign language which amazes me everyday that they understand what the other one is saying. He has this no fear attitude especially when it comes to roller coasters, he always wants to sits at the front with his hands in the air ready for the thrill factor.

Alfie has a very stubborn personality, he never gives in no matter how hard the problem is he will find an answer to it. He is a loveable rogue who surprises me and his dad every day and he has taught us to never take anything for granted to not to just walk through the forest but touch every leaf and plant on the way through so we never miss a thing.

Emmie Mayes

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