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Mr Cane in the Rain

Over the years I have become more and more anxious in and around London. I live about 40 minutes away from the city in a small town. Not a lot goes on in the town I live in.  Growing up I loved visits to London it really is fantastic, a City I love. However, as my sight progressively got worse, I became more stressed in crowded areas, that horrible feeling of claustrophobia. Moorfield Eye Hospital became the only reason I would go to London, a day at Moorfield Eye Hospital is not a pleasant day out.  At one point I was living independently on the outskirts of London, from a convenience point of view and as a guide-dog owner, this was fab. Hopping on and off the bus to get anywhere, the buses were so regular and reliable, I loved it.  Being on the outskirts of London was perfect, it was...
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