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Generation Accessibility - Grandad and Me

One thing most (god willing) will not avoid is growing old! It doesn't seem to matter how fit we are ageing brings new challenges. I have always had the best relationship with my Grandparents and since losing my Nannie 10 years ago I have grown particularly close to my Grandad and spend as much time with him as I can.  Grandad can be quite a grump but I love his wisdom and his belief in me.   The funny thing is although there are 55 years between us we have lots in common when it comes to how we get by on a daily basis. Grandad is not registered deafblind but he relies on assistive technologies similar to what I do and he doesn't even realise it! Grandad has worn reading glasses most of his life and they have gotten more and more magnified as he has got older.   Grandad...
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