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Coffee and Cake isn't Easy!

Coffee and Cake isn't Easy!
Up and ready to go out, mum notices my top on inside out, another of the joys of blindness, quick sort out and a check, hearing aids in, Apple Watch on wrist, iPhone charged and safely in bag along with spare hearing aid batteries, purse, reading glasses and case for dark glasses, tissues and doggy treats! Thankfully my bag isn't as full as it used to be thanks to a few things incorporated on my iPhone like magnifiers and torch, things I could never leave home without. Unis in Harness and we are almost ready to go, a quick check of the timetable on my watch and we leave. As we are going on a regular route to the train station Unis knows the way just by the direction we are heading, however since getting my Apple Watch I like to test it to make sure it is reliable so...
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