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Social Media 'The Art of Communication' Fark09

Social Media 'The Art of Communication' Fark09
Last summer I was asked to write a blog for the Usher Coalition for the first ever Usher Syndrome Awareness Day. I thought long and hard and decided the best way was to use social media to show the world what this condition “looks” like, the irony of a hidden disability! http://www.usher-syndrome.org/our-story/blog/ushlookslikethis-own-the-equinox-day-4.html I am particularly proud of this awareness project as it highlighted lots of things and reached a huge audience, particularly on Twitter, I’m told it was trending at one stage. I had realised the power of social media after one of my first ever blogs http://www.mollywatt.com/blog/entry/my-apple-watch-after-5-days which had interested so many people, I know because of the Applewatch but I am proud to say over 225,000 read that blog and all will have seen the words Usher Syndrome, deafblind and accessibility which really pleases me. Social Media also has the power to bring otherwise isolated people together but...
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