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Bali - Sound Sensations

Bali - Sound Sensations
At the end of my work and networking trip to the other side of the world, Mum and I made a trip to the beautiful Bali to spend the last 10 days relaxing. Arriving in Bali was surreal, it was very dark outside, I hate arriving anywhere in the dark as I see so little.   Our body clocks were already extremely confused! The intense humidity hit us as we looked for our taxi service.  We were met at Denpesar Airport by a sweet Balinese gentlemen dressed in traditional Bali attire, I felt quite important when Mum pointed out this man who was stood waiting for us with a banner with our names on it.  This lovely man spoke perfect English and without much of an accent too so I was able to understand him quite easily, accents can be a problem for deaf people, thankfully for me, not this...
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