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The Dark is the Devil - Halloween

The Dark is the Devil - Halloween
As a young deaf person, I always despised Halloween.  Now thinking back I was always petrified of the dark.  Winter nights out with the family meant me being literally attached to one of my parent's arms whilst my friends excitedly raced off in front of me.  I loved the thought of dressing up but not of going out. I remember the outdoor funfairs not being any fun for me unless I was in a secure seat with a seatbelt on or a ride where adrenaline took over School discos at primary school were always in the evenings.  I would look forward to the discos, I loved to dance but for me the best part was having sweets with my friends in a well lit classroom! I would spend most of my time avoiding the low lit hall with it’s flashing lights and loud music. My coping strategies kicked in even...
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