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My Enabling "Accessibility Kit"

My Enabling "Accessibility Kit"
I was recently asked to trial the new ReSound Multi Mic.  It is a tiny piece of kit with bluetooth connectivity to my Linx2 hearing aids, iPhone and applewatch so absolutely perfect accessibility for me. Multi Mic can be used by being attached to one person, by being placed on a table enabling brilliant accessibility to small group conversation.  It can also be used as a microphone up to 25 metres. I collected the Multi Mic from the guys at ReSound on my way to an event.  As usual I was given time and a full explanation as to how it works then had my hearing aids paired to the equipment and told it had been fully charged so ready to go. On this occasion my Mum had her chauffeur hat on and was driving me to Manchester so I asked her to wear the Multi Mic, switched on I...
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