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'Virtual Reality, bring it on'

'Virtual Reality, bring it on'
Not so long ago I attended a Virtual Reality workshop, hosted by Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist. Before attending I spoke with my GP to be sure virtual reality would not be detrimental to my condition and would be a recommendation to anybody using this equipment - for me the possibility of dizziness, nauseousness, both or neither.  Dizziness I suffer with anyway so nothing out of the ordinary. I was delighted to meet up with Mannish again and to meet Mike, Shirley and Helen for the first time, all people I have met thanks to Twitter. I knew there were various headsets to try, and was intrigued as to how this might impact on Health and Social Care. Maneesh presented himself very clearly and had a very accessible presentation and covered a lot that day.  It became very clear the first obstacle would be price, something that all too often...
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