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Tools to Navigate Usher Syndrome

Tools to Navigate Usher Syndrome
I wrote about my very early experience with my Apple Watch and I'm continuing to use it, experimenting with the apps that I am able to access and those I think can be helpful / useful to me as a deafblind, guide dog owner. My Apple Watch certainly isn't an expensive gimmick to me. Taptics is definitely the most amazing accessibility tool for those with dual sensory impairment. At the moment it is very rare to find anything with good accessibility for the deafblind.  Up until now it has been very much for the blind or the deaf and single sensory impairment consideration often does not work for those with Usher Syndrome. Unis my gorgeous guide dog has made my life easier, making me more independent, she gets me from a to b safely, however, Unis can only go where I ask her to. Unis knows familiar routes, which is...
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