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My Applewatch after 365 Days

My Applewatch after 365 Days
A year ago I first blogged about my applewatch , link below, the reaction was unbelievable. I fully intended to return my applewatch within 14 days, however, it transported me on a journey into a new world of accessibility, confidence and independence. In three words I’d describe it as 'Accessible, Enabling and Empowering'. I guess the best way to explain why it has been a game changer for me is to give an idea of what I deal with on a daily basis having  Usher Syndrome (deafblindness).  Besides being severely deaf, blind and deafblind and the obvious not being able to hear or see well there are the added extras people often don’t consider.  Communication, mobility and little awareness. As a result of my condition I have suffered with anxiety and depression, mainly because of lack of understanding. I rely on technology, for me it isn't simply about having the latest...
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