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A Life Without Headaches...Well, Almost

A Life Without Headaches...Well, Almost
I’ve been asked about my “Daith Piercing” by so many people I decided a blog of 'my experience' might be useful, so here goes:  Just over three months ago I began to seriously consider getting a daith piercing as I'd read several articles that suggested it may help prevent migraine.  If you've read my blogs you’ll know I have Ushers syndrome, a form of deafblindness, where the blindness is progressive due to a rare genetic condition called Retinitus Pigmentosa.  For me the progression in sight loss was very fast, I became registered blind within 2 years and today get by with just 5 degrees of vision, the majority of which is in my right eye.  Having been deaf but ‘sighted’ from birth, strangely, I am still a ‘visual’ person, I still learn visually, and rely sometimes on some visual clues which is not only exhausting but leads to one of...
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