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Accessibility, my Nemesis

Accessibility, my Nemesis
  We really need to get beyond the assumption that all deaf people hear nothing and all blind people see nothing. There are those with no sight at all and there are people with no hearing at all, however there are lots of variations in between. People born blind are different to those who go blind and the same with deafness, all need to be considered for accessibility. I'm no expert, have just learnt these things since going from deaf to deafblind as a result of Usher Syndrome. Being born deaf means I was brought up a visual learner and even though registered blind, not partially sighted, I choose to use my 5 degrees of useful vision to access information. I accept that at some stage I might need to transition to voiceover, I am fortunate, I could access voiceover with my linx2 hearing aids, with my previous Phonak hearing...
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