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Inspiring the Next Generation - Larchfield Primary School

Inspiring the Next Generation - Larchfield Primary School
I was asked by Berkshire Vision (previously Berkshire County Blind Society) to do a small presentation to a local school on Wednesday 23 September. The children had been asked to design a remote control accessible to all. It was my pleasure to talk to this group of children about accessibility for those not just with deafblind, but those with other disabilities. Children are so receptive to this sort of challenge and I was impressed with the many ideas they came up with. It dawned on me that these children are our future and that they can and will make a difference to people like myself with their fresh and intuitive ideas. I have visited schools around the country and discussed Usher Syndrome, anti bullying and the importance of inclusion, understanding and acceptance of those of us who are ‘different’ for whatever reason. I suffered at the hands of bullies and...
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