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Australia's 10th National DeafBlind Conference 2016

Australia's 10th National DeafBlind Conference 2016
I was flattered to be invited to speak at this conference a year ago. A trip to Australia, a presentation and to meet others living with similar challenges to my own, an opportunity not to be missed. The journey was long and testing, but it was worth it to be a part of such a great event. I was annoyed with myself that I was unwell but my excitement drove me on. Senses had made every effort to make this conference fully accessible for all in the DeafBlind community- I was extremely impressed. There was good lighting, there were On Stage interpreters, hand on hand interpreters, finger spelling (HoH) interpreters, STTR (Speech To Text Relay) screens reasonable sized screens, black background and white large text positioned on either side of conference room, and finally a generous amount of staff and volunteers who were there to ensure full inclusion. "Wow" I...

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