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Advocating for those living with accessibility needs. Sharing experiences, raising awareness and understanding of how assistive accessible technology enhances and enables those in need.

Air travel - Simple solutions lay in assistive technology

I am travelling more and more these days and whilst I enjoy it I continue to find unnecessary challenges but along with the challenges I also find solutions. I would love the opportunity to speak to the airlines about the whole travel experience and accessibility for those travelling with sensory impairment, communication needs and mobility needs. Being deafblind as the word suggests I don’t hear or see well but that really is just the beginning. Two of many challenging add ons are communication and mobility. It should also be considered there are now more older people travelling who’s accessibility needs will not be too dissimilar to my own! A recent conversation with airline staff on a recent trip to Macau via Hong Kong with Virgin Atlantic really got me thinking - I should add I have had similar conversations with British Airways so clearly issues that need addressing. As most who...
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