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Amazing Memories Made for My 21st

Amazing Memories Made for My 21st
I was determined to enjoy my 21st I arranged a few events with my friends for my special Birthday. The countdown would be good and the actual day special as I was jetting off to Miami with the family, spending two nights in Miami followed by two weeks relaxing on the beach in Daytona. This is the first holiday I gate crashed and paid for my own flight! I love the US so there was no way I wasn't going, the fact it was my Birthday was going to make the holiday very special, I just didn't realise how special! I've been extremely lucky to have frequently visited the US growing up. You've probably read somewhere on my website I am all about creating memories and my 21st Birthday would definitely be memorable, regardless of my quick deteriorating vision. Memories happen regardless. There is a large list of places I'd...
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